Interacting With Nature

Interacting with Nature

If we could talk to the animals, like the real Dr. John C. Lilli or the fictional Dr. Doolittle did, what special insights might we receive? There are many examples of how we learn from observing nature. We deal with our fears as well as our hopes and dreams through our association with the natural […]

Human Interaction with Dolphins and Whales


We have been longingly observing animals in nature for a long time, as we attempt to imitate that which we admire. Eagles are often associated by various cultures with strength and superiority (Native Alaska, Bolivia, Germany, Mexico and The United States, to name a few), and if it wasn’t for an innate jealousy of birds, […]

Eagle Views


On September 21, 2005 Morley Nelson died. His passing got an immediate response by the Idaho Legislature to rename the Snake River Birds of Prey Preserve after this great Idaho outdoorsman and environmentalist. It also got us thinking about the debt we owe to Morley and others like him, who through their hard work have […]

Wolf People

Wolf People

In 1999 my wife and I (both writers) were on a “journalism safari,” that led us into the northwest on Highway 95, near Sandpoint in Idaho. Along the way, we came to a town called Cocolalla (a name that some say translates from a Native dialect to mean Sweetwater); Suddenly, our attention was caught by […]