NostalgiaVille USA

NostalgiaVille, USA

A Trip to NostalgiaVille USA On a trip from Boise, ID to New Orleans, LA (by car) Barbara and Gordon Richiusa stop and interview interesting folks along the way. Here they stop in NostalgiaVille USA and get a glimpse back at the joyful memories of the 50’s and 60’s. As usual, Barbara does the talking […]

The Hidden History of Anasazi Ruins

Anasazi Ruins

The sky is the characteristic cobalt blue and the blushed, red clay monoliths reach up through it, toward the stark white clouds that dot the view from horizon to horizon. Here, about 50 miles northeast of Tuba City, in the heart of the Navajo Indian Reservation is the Navaho National Monument, gateway to the ancient […]

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Mount Rushmore National Memorial

This epic sculpture features the faces of four exalted American presidents: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. South Dakota’s Black Hills provide the backdrop for Mount Rushmore, the world’s greatest mountain carving. These 60-foot high faces, 500 feet up, look out over a setting of pine, spruce, birch, and aspen in the […]

New Orleans–American City of Legend and Legacy

New Orleans - Bifocal Review

(B) There has rarely been a time in U.S. History where New Orleans has not been at the forefront of national attention. This importance might partly be because of the geographic location of the city, but it might be something else though. A few years ago, we decided to try and see as many of […]

Guadalajara: A Perfect Destination for Valentines Day


As a hopeless romantic I am always looking for some way to impress my spouse on Valentine’s Day. Last year, I discovered the perfect Valentine’s Day destination: Guadalajara, Mexico. The second largest city in Mexico offers an unparalleled, totally Mexican experience that, when combined with the calendar date of February 14th, will explain my impression […]

The Resurrection of the Salequena Bullring


Imagine all the culture, the charm and the color that make up a Mexican Fiesta, toss in a bunch of tourists and locals looking to share a good time and you’ve got all the elements that are needed for one memorable evening of fun. This combination is now available due to an ancient tradition that has been resurrected at […]

In Search of a Small Town American Tradition

Small Town Float

Often times we think of tradition as drumming, sweat lodges, or other indigenous ceremonies danced around a blazing fire.  We fail to notice the measuring spoons in our lives that are equally as rich in sprinkling our “beingness” with sweetness.  I just landed on an island in the Pacific Northwest to write, and things are still […]

Traveling in Mexico

Traveling in Mexico

BE PREPARED For many years driving in Mexico, especially the Baja has had the reputation as being a wild-eyed adventurer’s folly. Images of souped-up VW Beetles and dirt motorcycles racing through uncharted sands and volcanic ash, has kept many drivers from experiencing some of the better (and very reachable) beach and desert destinations in North […]