Mandatory Sentences

Mandatory Sentences

Human beings are basically creatures of conditioned reflex. Sometimes the conditioning takes place on a complicated level. Sometimes it’s simple. Behavioral scientists offer numerous examples of how reinforcement works. It’s perhaps immediate or potential and can be either positive or negative. Conditioning is what all learning relies upon at its most basic level. The effects […]

The Best Way To Educate

Best of the Best

Can we educate in today’s world? What is the best way to educate? All animals must teach and learn basic skills to promote survival of their species. Since human beings are at the top of the brain-chain, it is literally only natural that we highly prize anything related to thinking and especially the transference of […]

A Perspective on Education and Learning

John Gates

While serving in the US Army for 22 years, I have deployed to a lot of what most people would call third world countries. Most of the time, our deployments were a result of what the US Government believed to be instability in the country and therefore risk to US Interests to include the US […]