George Clayton Johnson – The Gandalf of Speculative Fiction

George Clayton Johnson

George Clayton Johnson just turned eighty-four, going on fifteen. He is the author of such classics as Logan’s Run, Oceans Eleven and dozens of other ground breaking works. Many of his series, introduced at the birth-of-television, include the famous Twilight Zone and Star Trek. Gordon Richiusa’s interview with the Gandalf of Speculative fiction is exclusive […]

Oliver Stone Interview: The Savage is Loose

Director Oliver Stone

This is an exclusive, uncut interview given to L&L Magazine . . . There is no denying that, in the world of cinema, Oliver Stone is a modern legend. In addition, his works often deal with the most legendary figures in the U.S. and world history, and his movies often help to establish, to some […]

Tia Carrere, Hawaii’s Greatest Representative

Tia Carrere

There are two things that Hollywood and Hawaii have in common. The first is that they both start with the letter H, and, the second is that no matter how hard you try, you will never find a better representative, of either place, than Tia Carrere. Regardless of how high her rise to celebrity takes […]

Gordon Richiusa – Renaissance Man

Gordon Richiusa

Dana Stamos: Everyone recognizes your name from the hundreds of published articles you write about other people, especially martial artists. You have partnered with people like Jhoon Rhree, Alfred Urquidez and Frank Dux to create the Legends and Legacies series on and you have interviewed many of the greatest martial artists of the past and the […]