Bifocal Review: Godzilla The Movie 2014


Godzilla The Movie 2014

Bifocal Review: Godzilla The Movie 2014 by Ageless1der Barbara Rich & The Other Guy

(OG) Barbara refused to see this remake/update of the King Of Monsters story since she never saw the original and generally doesn’t respond well to science fiction. So, since a twelve-year-old boy lives in all grown men, no matter how old, I asked my 94-year-old father to see this one with me. His comments are below.

(OG’s Dad) It was better than I thought it would be, almost good. It made me smile at times.


Godzilla The Movie 2014 was just what I expected, and then some. I thought that it kept the campy air of the original but used some pretty good special effects—and a very slight plot twist–to keep the attention of a newer audience. The crowning moment for me was a wide, long shot at the end of the film, when Godzilla was called a savior of the city of San Francisco and the audience could see the skyline, including a destroyed Golden Gate Bridge burning in the background. Immediately I wondered what the City by the Bay would have looked like if Godzilla hadn’t been there to save it. I give this one 2 ½ Binoculars.

Godzilla–Directed by Gareth Edwards/starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe with Bryan Cranston, and a brief appearance by Juliette Binoche/ screenplay by Max Borenstein from the story by Dave Callaham/2 hr 3 min/rated PG-13

Bifocal Review by The Other Guy and His Dad

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