Adair Lion Explodes into Sound with Passion


Adair LionRemember what I always say: It is a great mistake to judge extremely creative people by the extent of conformity of their conduct and behavior.

There’s a great new talent emerging onto the scene and I wanted you in L&L land to be on the cutting edge of a new sensation. Adair Lion is a rapper, singer / producer / director born and raised in the rough streets of central El Paso, TX near the infamous murder capital of Juarez, Mexico. Adair strives to be unlike what’s perceived of Latinos by the main stream media. He decided that he would be a positive influence for Latino youth. Entrepreneurial minded he co-founded a music label called Above The Notes, based off the belief that a label should work to touch the lives of others by doing more than just making music.

Adair Lion Mixing

Adair Lion received a Degree from the University of Texas at Austin in Music with an emphasis on Vocal Performance and Concentration in Sound Engineering. While in Austin he performed with a group called BOOMBOXatx and was mentored by MC Overlord (Austin’s 10 time best hip-hop Artist of the Year / Austin Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame inductee).

Adair Lion

It was in Austin that he grew an affinity for live music, which is evident in his live show. On stage, Adair’s show has great depth. Performing with a live drummer, dj, back up singer and b-boy, Adair has an on stage dynamic that most entertainers would envy. Adair Lion and the Above The Notes cast have performed at shows and charity events all over Texas for crowds up to 8,000 people strong and was even invited to perform for a SXSW showcase this year.

Musically, his songs are filled with clever metaphors, smooth melodies and a positive vibe. Easy on the eyes, Adair Lion also has sex appeal to compliment his radio friendly tunes.

Adair Lion Spirit

His philosophy on music is that he thinks artists should treat every song like a single. Adair says this about creating music, “We should always place our best foot forward… we should place our best product up and not compromise just to fill up album tracks. Why shouldn’t we (artists) treat all of our songs like singles? Let’s make a new standard.”

Adair Lion has received a plethora of acclaim on online hip-hop sites and blogs including Bro Bible, Good Music All Day, Fresh New Tracks and The Kollection just to name a few. Journaling his progress, they said that he will one day be household name. Never shying away, Adair Lion has accepted that challenge.

Adair Lion Theater

Most recently Adair has received national acclaim (being posted on MSN, TIME, Perez Hilton, Huffington Post etc…) with his Pro-LGBT song “Ben” off of his upcoming album called “Michael & Me.” Adair Lion is definitely unsigned hype, so take advantage of getting in on his music early. He has the potential to really shine in the music industry. His next album titled “Michael & Me” will be released this fall. Stay tuned… this is going to be a big year for the young MC.

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