Lynda Lee, Photography Editor


RoseWhen someone asks me, who I am and what I do, I tell them that I put my life priorities in this order: God, Family, and Career.

By grace I am a child of the Living God, the Creator and Sustainer of all, who is my Lord, King and Savior Jesus Christ. My family and friends are precious to me and I take the time to appreciate each one. By profession I am a nature photographer. I love this amazing planet and all the beauty the LORD placed here for us to enjoy. I’m very thankful to be an American, native to southern California with an Italian heritage. After God and family comes my work and I truly love my work. I think it is very important to love ones work since we spend most of our time and energy doing it. When I came to a crossroad in career choices 40 plus years ago, I choose a path that I enjoyed and it was the right choice for me. I am a photographer who has been given the visual gift of seeing the beauty in the Lords creation. Capturing what I see either on film or digitally, then sharing it with others is a very fulfilling and rewarding profession. Many of my contemporaries specialize in specific areas, ones that they are comfortable with, even within the realm of nature photography. As for me, the entire world is my studio and I see beauty everywhere in abundant diversity. I am blessed and thankful for my visual gift! Life itself is an amazing and miraculous gift. I want to honor the LORD with the gift He as given me. I want to photograph and share my vision as much as I am permitted. It is so true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. My goal as a photographer is to share the beauty that my eye beholds so that others might also see and enjoy the beautiful fingerprints of our Creator through my photographic images.

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