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5 Principles of EverythingOur Purpose

L&L Magazine, seeks to both entertain and inform with a clear understanding that there is a difference between the two goals, but that one should not be compromised for, or confused with the other. Therefore, while attempting to reestablish standards of integrity and excellence as criteria for publishing in any form, we also acknowledge that seeking the truth and doing the right thing, are honorable Core Human Goals, unto themselves.

The Society of Professional Journalists says, in part, that a journalist, “1) Seeks truth and reports it, 2) Minimizes harm, 3) Acts independently, and 4) is Accountable.”

Therefore, you can expect that “seeking the truth” through verified facts that are beyond personal opinion and speculation, will be our primary objective. Within that, Legends and Legacies will, whenever possible allow person’s of celebrity to “speak directly for themselves” while maintaining objectivity. Thematically, we will be most interested in investigating the relationship between the past and the present to shape and direct us into the future.

Just as with the definition for Journalism as “the best effort to verify the truth,” Our columnists, reporters, videographers, photographers or journalists will not tell a story or present a piece of information as “fact” until it has been corroborated (verified) by at least two sources. The above standards will be expected by the editors (and the audience) of L&L, in any form of reporting that is presented as NEWS, including written, visual or audio. When opinions are being expressed, they will be clearly labeled as such.

The strategy that is being applied here can be found in the book, The Five Principles of Everything. This collection of essays seeks to apply what is known as conflict avoidance to any endeavor a position, based upon core human qualities, including a willingness by all contributors to model their individual behavior on the commonly accepted objectives to demonstrate by example that collective results can be motivated by a simple desire to “do the right thing” and that it is our obligation to lead by example.