Message in a Bottle: SafeTripp Traffic School

Safe Tripp Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle: SafeTripp Traffic School This video is the Message in a Bottle, from one of the owners of SafeTripp Traffic School, produced for L&L Magazine by Five Birds Publications To comment on this video visit our FACEBOOK Page

Sheriff Lee Baca on ‘Friends of the Sheriff’

Sheriff Lee Baca

Re “‘Friends of the Sheriff,’” Dec. 19 This article makes a mountain out of a molehill. As The Times notes, the Sheriff’s Department watchdog in 2009 found no evidence that applicants hired through the “Friends of the Sheriff” program routinely received preferential treatment. Here’s what the Office of Independent Review (OIR) reported: “While ‘FOS’ stands […]

Mandatory Sentences

Mandatory Sentences

Human beings are basically creatures of conditioned reflex. Sometimes the conditioning takes place on a complicated level. Sometimes it’s simple. Behavioral scientists offer numerous examples of how reinforcement works. It’s perhaps immediate or potential and can be either positive or negative. Conditioning is what all learning relies upon at its most basic level. The effects […]

Crime and Punishment – Taking Responsibility

Aurora Theater Massacre

Reeling from the news of the Aurora Massacre, I found myself (a defensive tactics professional) being intruded upon to take sides in the passionate debate of whether or not a gun ban versus carrying a gun would make us safer. My response is: both sides make valid arguments. However, I must point out that the […]

Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment

  Crime and Punishment Most of our time in modern society is taken up by attempting to establish rules of behavior and consequences for breaking those rules. Everyday we read, hear or see images of how a misinterpretation, a change in perspective or an outright violation of our desire for fairness focuses our attention and […]