PossibilitiesWe are so dedicated to promoting the “the best for the most” that we have reserved this section of L&L Magazine for those people and ideas that have catapulted out of what was once considered good enough, into a whole other realm. Without the dreamers, those who are willing to take a chance and even to fail once or twice, most of what we take for granted today would not exist. Whenever we can, we will allow those who have reached new and greater horizons to have an opportunity to speak for themselves about their successes and the failures that got them there. When that is not possible, we’ll try to come up with the best alternatives. L&L Magazine is intended to share with our readers new possibilities at every level. In this section you will find not only the best, but also the first and the fastest. We will not only concentrate on the fastest, the strongest, the smartest, etc., but the process that motivated them to set a new standard.

Humans tend to enjoy competition and many of the greatest discoveries (even those about ourselves) come from competing, whether in a sport, a game or some type of contest. Even the race to outer space or the creation of the computer could be looked at in terms of a competition.

In this premier issue, we’ll talk to Donald Lewis, the captain of the Redefine What’s Possible Team, as a representative of someone who achieved a personal best, by simply desiring to do. At age 65, Don did something that had never been done before. Read his story to find out more!

Donald E. Lewis – Redefining Possibilities

Legends & Legacies About Legends & Legacies

L&L Magazine, seeks to both entertain and inform with a clear understanding that there is a difference between the two goals, but that one should not be compromised for, or confused with the other. Therefore, while attempting to reestablish standards of integrity and excellence as criteria for publishing in any form, we also acknowledge that seeking the truth and doing the right thing, are honorable Core Human Goals, unto themselves.