Mike’s Sports Book: Understanding Fantasy Football


Mike's Sports Book: Understanding Fantasy Football

Understanding Fantasy Football is necessary for family of Fantasy Leagues

Hey Mike,

I’m a big Packer fan, but I just don’t get what my husband is thinking when he starts drafting players for his fantasy league. During the season, when we are looking at the same television screen (and we both love Green Bay) he sometimes gets more excited when the opposing team scores a touchdown! Can you please explain the difference in the way we are watching the same game.

–Confused in Green Bay

Dear Confused,

The difference between fantasy and reality football is that when you are involved in fantasy football, you learn to watch football differently. Your fantasy teams are created through some kind of pre-determined draft system, and are made up of players from all teams. For instance, I have, sometimes players on opposing teams in the same game. Fantasy football is all about numbers. You are competing for points, which are determined by how well your drafted players do on a particular day, as well as during the season. You get points for yards passed, completions caught and thrown, touchdowns, field goals, etc., but you also get points for defense (sacks, fumbles retrieved, and so on). Because of the difference in the way the points are accumulated, you find yourself rooting for and against players, rather than teams. Your loyalty to a team now turns to specific players. You don’t care who wins, just as long as your players put up numbers. It is pretty easy to keep track of the scoring, because a point is a point. In fantasy basketball, or with baseball’s percentages and averages there are other factors that come into play. Not so in fantasy football. Also, you don’t have to be a multi-millionaire to own a fantasy team. You are your own general manager. You can draft, trade, release or pick up players during the season—something that reality football managers are greatly restricted from doing.

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