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How the best got to be the best

The Best Way to Travel

The Best Way to Travel

What is the Best Way to Travel Some people attribute almost a mystical value to the exercise of traveling from one place to another. Many of the world’s great ideas were born after a journey. Some modern companies have gone so far as to point out that a “destination” is not as important as the […]

The Best Way To Watch A Movie

Best Way To Watch a Movie

The Best Way To Watch A Movie The best way to watch a movie? Recently, two monumental movie directors, Steven Spielberg and George Lucas, revived a discussion about the future of movie watching in America (and worldwide). The prediction by Steven Spielberg is that, “there will be an imminent implosion in the movie industry.” Lucas […]

The Best Pizza in the World

Best of the Best

As an Italian American, I can tell you, that when the family has a problem, it can really get out of hand. In fact, I believe that the real reason Tony Soprano was at odds with Johnny Sack, had nothing to do with business. The question they were trying to settle is the same one […]

The Best Way To Educate

Best of the Best

Can we educate in today’s world? What is the best way to educate? All animals must teach and learn basic skills to promote survival of their species. Since human beings are at the top of the brain-chain, it is literally only natural that we highly prize anything related to thinking and especially the transference of […]