Mike’s Sports Book with Mike O’Connor

Mike's Sports Book

Mike’s Sports Book with Mike O’Connor will answer your sports questions: Before he was old enough to start public school, Mike O’Connor was reading the sports section to his father, every morning at the breakfast table. In fact, he cannot remember a time when he was not learning about, watching, digesting, or participating in team […]

Earnie Shavers hit me so hard, he shook my kinfolk back in Africa!

Shavers vs Ali

“Earnie hit me so hard, he shook my kinfolk back in Africa” ~ Muhammad Ali: When we use the term martial arts many people have a variety of ideas of what this means. In essence the term refers to any systemized training in combat designed for the purpose of physically defeating opponents. What many don’t realize […]

Donald E. Lewis – Redefining Possibilities

Donald E. Lewis - Redefine What’s Possible - Baja 250

In this premier issue, we’ll look at the accomplishments and talk with Donald Lewis, the Rider of Record for his Redefine What’s Possible Baja, Mexico Racing Team. Donald Lewis’ name may not be immediately recognized, but we feel he is representative of this section as someone who achieved a personal best, motivated by a simple desire to […]

The Best Pizza in the World

Best of the Best

As an Italian American, I can tell you, that when the family has a problem, it can really get out of hand. In fact, I believe that the real reason Tony Soprano was at odds with Johnny Sack, had nothing to do with business. The question they were trying to settle is the same one […]

The Best Way To Educate

Best of the Best

Can we educate in today’s world? What is the best way to educate? All animals must teach and learn basic skills to promote survival of their species. Since human beings are at the top of the brain-chain, it is literally only natural that we highly prize anything related to thinking and especially the transference of […]

The Gradual Diet Excerpt

Healthy Food

One steady drop of water, over a period of time will get the same results as a sudden flood. That single drop, continuously applied will erode the most stubborn rock. The most difficult part about dieting is getting started. So let’s start easy. The method I have developed is called “The Gradual Diet,” and it […]

Audio of Pacoima Jr. High School Airplane Crash 1957

Pacoima Air Crash

A few minutes after 11 a.m. on January 31, 1957, teacher John Buchanan (my dad) began recording the graduation ceremony being held for 800 students gathered in the Pacoima Junior High School auditorium. Halfway through the recording — immediately after graduation speaker Linda Latrelle says, “We have only one life to live…” – a new […]