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Bifocal Review

Bifocal Reviews by Ageless1der Barbara Rich & The Other Guy

On a scale of one to four binoculars, Barbara Rich, a sizzling, seventy-something senior known as Ageless1der to those who know her, offers her film reviews and reviews about everything “entertainment” with her husband and writing partner known as The Other Guy. Because, let’s face it, when you’re married to, on camera with, or in a conversation opposite, Barbara, you’re not the most interesting person in the picture. Having two lenses and two tickets to movies, travel, dining, and other life experiences make Bifocal Reviews unique in the world of journalism. Both Barbara and The Other Guy are members of The National Writers Union and holders of International Press Credentials issued through the International Federation of Journalists. Click below for Bifocal Reviews with text, photos and video of their adventures:


American Sniper

The Imitation Game

Unbroken Movie

The Theory of Everything

Short Shorts – The Royal Teens

The Drop

And So It Goes

Godzilla The Movie 2014

Jersey Boys The Movie

The Other Woman

Who Said That?

A Million Ways to Die In The West


Noah 2014

Oscars PreShow

Dallas Buyers Club

Big Eyes Movie

The Wolf of Wall Street

American Hustle

Last Vegas

All Is Lost Movie


Enough Said

Blue Jasmine

The Butler

Bloodsport and Frank Dux

Unfinished Song


The Great Gatsby


The Guilt Trip

Magic Mike

Anna Karenina

Silver Linings Playbook

 Magic Mike

The Guilt Trip

Anna Karenina






The Bourne Legacy

Ruby Sparks


To Rome With Love

Midnight in Paris

The Newsroom

Rock of Ages

Snow White and the Huntsman

The World’s Best Pizza

New Orleans

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