Basketball in the future?


Mike's Sports Book: Basketball in the Future

Are their any new trends that will alter basketball in the future?

(Q) Are their any new trends that will alter basketball in the future?

(M) The newest trend in basketball that will alter basketball in the future is probably the globalization of the game. With all the European players (such as the Gasol brothers, the exciting Ricky Rubio, or Dirk Nowitzki), Asians (such as Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin who was born in the U.S. to Taiwanese parents), and South American influence (such as Nene), the growing size of the NBA draft-pool is sure to have an effect. Also, individual players can play year-round because of developmental leagues and overseas play, to improve their game. Case in point is Jordan Farmar. He was born in the U.S., played his college ball locally at UCLA and was drafted by his hometown Lakers before he was traded and eventually cut from professional ball entirely. Then, Jordan went overseas to improve his game and now he is back on the Lakers. Past changes, such as the creation of the three point shot, and putting a stop to hand-checking, has made the game more open. The only change that I could see making a drastic difference in the future would be raising the basket—I say this jokingly, but this has been seriously suggested recently.

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