George Clayton Johnson

George Clayton Johnson – The Gandalf of Speculative Fiction

George Clayton Johnson just turned eighty-four, going on fifteen. He is the author of such classics as Logan’s Run, Oceans Eleven and dozens of other ground … [Read More...]



Bifocal Review: Boyhood

Boyhood Bifocal Reviews by Ageless1der Barbara Rich & The Other Guy (BR) Boyhood took a little too long to get into, and by the time I got to know this … [Read More...]


Mike’s Sports Book: 10 Bold Sports Predictions for 2015

Mike’s Sports Book: Mike O'Connor's 10 Bold Sports Predictions for 2015 Looking back at my bold predictions for 2014, I see that two came to reality as Clayton … [Read More...]


NostalgiaVille, USA

NostalgiaVille USA

A Trip to NostalgiaVille USA On a trip from Boise, ID to New Orleans, LA (by car) Barbara and Gordon Richiusa stop and interview interesting folks along the … [Read More...]


Safe Tripp Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle: SafeTripp Traffic School

Message in a Bottle: SafeTripp Traffic School This video is the Message in a Bottle, from one of the owners of SafeTripp Traffic School, produced for L&L … [Read More...]